Swimming Classes for All Abilities

(Classes – including all ability levels – listed on this page are held at every pool with two exceptions: Parent and Child and adult classes are only held at Dunedin North Intermediate and Te Puna. The coaching program is only at Moana Pool.)

Parent and Child

Lesson time: 30 minutes
Ages: For children from 6 months to 3 years
This is an introductory class for babies and toddlers designed to enhance your child’s first experience in the water. Classes include parent-child bonding in a fun environment filled with songs and repetition. This is an introduction to survival swimming skills as well as social adjustment because for many it is their first structured class.


Beginner classes

Lesson time: 30 minutes
Ages: From 3 years upwards
Teacher pupil ratio: 1 to 4
This class is designed for the children to enjoy a more active pace of learning and interacting with others. Swimmers will work on more independent movement in the water, submersion, back floating, water entry and exit, and multiple self-help strategies to become safer in the water.

Coordination Classes

Lesson time: 30 minutes
Teacher pupil ratio: 1 to 5
Swimming requires a lot of coordination! While each swimming stroke is different, they all require simultaneous movement from your child’s arms and legs. As your child learns how to swim using a variety of swimming strokes, they are learning how to coordinate multiple movements from multiple body parts at the same time. These groups encourage coordination and balance.

Whole Stroke Classes

Lesson time: 30 minutes
Teacher pupil ratio: 1 to 5
Goal: To swim 15m freestyle and backstroke
This class is designed to improve ability through correction and a fun learning environment. Our aim is to develop lifelong skills in and around water, concentrating on developing strength and stamina, and improving technique.

Bi Lat Classes

Lesson time: 30 minutes
Teacher pupil ratio: 1 to 6
These groups are for children who can swim 15m freestyle, 15m backstroke and basic breaststroke. This class refines breaststroke technique and develops freestyle and backstroke endurance.

Squad Classes

Lesson time: 45 minutes
Teacher pupil ratio: 1 to 8
These are for children to gain distance in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Pupils learn butterfly and tumble turns.

Holiday Intensive

This is a concentrated swimming and water safety program conducted over five consecutive days. The intensive nature of the programme allows greater opportunities for consolidation of and improvement to swimming and water safety skills. Program run in the January, April, September and December school holidays and can be an effective way to fast-track, maintain and enhance swimming ability.

Adult Learn to Swim Program

These are aimed at teaching adults the fundamental swimming and water safety skills. Catering for a wide variety of individual needs, we are able to tailor each class to suit the students’ learning requirements and pace. Whether you are having lessons for the first time and would like to be safer doing aquatic activities or looking to improve your strokes, learn new strokes or improve endurance levels, we have the classes for you! There are three levels available in our Adult Learn to Swim Program: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

School Program

Our qualified swimming instructors have program to meet your school’s curriculum National Standards. Working in conjunction with Water Safety New Zealand’s “Swim 4 Life” campaign, we have classes to cater for all school ages and abilities. We can adapt our sessions to meet your school’s timetable and needs.

Coaching Program

This is offered through Neptune Swim Club and runs on Monday evenings from 6.16 to 7.15pm. Contact the club if you would like to join our coaching programme.