JC Swim School Practices

  • Hand sanitiser is available when entering and exiting the facility. 
  • Parents/caregivers are welcome to wait outside during the lesson time. 
  • Toilet facilities are available. Please ensure your swimmers wash their hands thoroughly after using them. Hand towels in the provided bin please.
  • Where hands on correction is required, the JC Swim Staff will do so in a safe manner.

The following people must NOT enter the facility:

  • Anyone who is unwell and has the following symptoms:



Shortness of breath

Sneezing or a runny nose

  • Anyone who is waiting results from a Covid-19 test

Missed lessons due to Covid Lockdown/Isolation:

We recognise the uncertainties that families are experiencing during these times. We are continuously looking for ways to look after our staff and families. Therefore, JC Swim School will not be offering refunds or credits for missed lessons. JC Swim School will do their best to provide the opportunity for make up classes, but we cannot guarantee this. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. 

JC Swim School reserves the right to ask anyone who is sick to leave the facility.