Policies, Rules and FAQs

Health Rules

  • If your child has diarrhea or a sore stomach, do not let them enter the water as this can spread organisms that make people sick.
  • If your child has a runny nose, make sure they blow it fully before getting into the pool. Mucus can contaminate the water.
  • If your child has head lice they must wear a swimming cap at all times and they must not share towels or other items with non-infected children.
  • Should there be a faecal incident, all swimmers must leave the pool immediately and shower. Classes will be cancelled until the disinfection process is complete.


Because of overheads and staffing costs it is Swim School policy not to offer refunds under the following circumstances:

  • After payment is made but before classes begin (your cancellation deprives another child of a place in classes)
  • Missed lessons (a make-up lesson may be offered instead)
  • Events beyond our control such as severe weather, pool damage, power failures etc.
  • When the pool is closed because of faecal incident.

In the event of a cancellation due to pool plant failure, water heating failure, chemical or water quality problems etc, the Swim School will deduct the cost of the lesson from your next enrolment. If you are not re-enrolling, we regret that no refund can be offered.

Safety Rules

We are at all times concerned with the potential for accidents and have devised the following rules for the health and safety of swimmers, staff and parent/guardians.

  1. Unless your child’s hair is very short all swimmers are required to wear a swim cap. This keeps hair out of the swimmer’s eyes and keeps them warm. JC Swim School caps can be purchased from the poolside administrator.
  2. Please encourage your swimmer to go to the toilet before entering the pool. Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear protective swim pants.
  3. To help maintain the cleanliness of the facility, hands and feet must be clean prior to pool entry.
  4. Swimmers must not enter the water until their instructor gives them permission.
  5. Keep your children with you at all times and do not allow them to run around the pool as the floor can get very slippery. We accept no liability for injuries suffered as a result of a child running in the pool area.
  6. If you have other children accompanying a swimmer please keep them occupied during the lesson to minimise distractions.
  7. A person who we deem to be endangering others, behaving inappropriately, abusing the facility, or becoming aggressive toward staff or clients will be asked to leave the facility and their registration will be terminated.
  8. As pool hygiene is important to us, parents attending classes may not wear gumboots in the pool area.

Photo policy

No photos may be taken of children during lessons, even by their parents. This includes the use of mobile phone cameras.  However, periodically, photos are taken for school marketing purposes. If you do not want your swimmer to participate, please inform the poolside administrator.


If my child misses a lesson, can they have an extra one to catch up?
Only in certain circumstances, subject to availability, and during the same term. They cannot be carried over to the following term or holiday programmes.

Why hasn’t my child moved up to the next level?
Students do not automatically move up to the next level at the end of the term. Advancement only occurs once all the required skills are mastered. If you are concerned with your child’s progress please speak with their instructor.

Will the same instructor teach my child all term?
Generally yes, but we reserve the right to change instructors if necessary once the term has started.

What do I do if my child reacts badly?
If your child cries or misbehaves at the pool, do not panic or become embarrassed. A pool environment can be noisy with lots of activity that can overwhelm some children, especially babies. We have full information on how to help your child overcome their fears and anxieties around the water which you can read here.